Motivational Methods

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If a concept map provides a framework to build upon, motivational
 methods can influence a students desire to build on the framework.

[My teacher] has an interesting way of teaching, which catches your attention. I think I got more out of the class because of that.

[My teacher] really wanted to help us [prepare] for when we are on our own. Now I'm not as scared financially.

[My teacher] was always pushing us to be motivated, and wanted us to be excited about achieving our goals.


Click here to print this list  Derived from page 40 of the program evaluation

1 Encouraged student to set and achieve goals Teachers and students can help each other set and achieve goals
2 Have a positive relationship with students Smile, it feels great!
3 Make topics relevant to your student's lives Challenging but you can do it!
4 Refrain from de-motivating Provide a safe learning environment
5 Model good learning habits You'll learn some good stuff too
6 Enhance student self-efficacy Success is the greatest motivator
7 Give meaningful feedback  
8 Persuade students to learn  
9 Use engaging teaching methods "Hands on" and brains on activities
10 Reward achievement and effort Praise is as good as candy
11 Use appealing teaching style Have fun!
12 Monitor student motivation and make adjustments  

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