Student Feedback

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Feedback about student's knowledge and attitudes can help teachers align the classroom experience with student's needs and interests. A challenge with getting feedback is the time and cost of developing an effective feedback instrument.

You have two easy and effective options to save you time:

  1. Free online survey tool used in the Utah GFL Program Evaluation.

    The first 30 Utah GFL teachers to click on this link (Get Student Feedback) will receive a free account with a ready-to-use GFL student survey.
    •  Those first 30 teachers will receive a admin login.
       You'll change your password, so only you can view your student's feedback.
    •  Your students will visit your webpage with a link to your individual survey.
       For example:
    •  The feedback will be available to you in real-time.
  2. For teachers who want to offer the survey to students on paper click here to request a printable version.

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